God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer ~ A Book Review & Giveaway

Priscilla Shirer
Nonfiction/Bible Study

Back of the book:

Nothing Is Impossible with God. Nothing.

Not even that thing. Your thing. The one thing that seems to defy all attempts to defeat it, restore it, heal it, change it, overcome it, undo it, or just to get through it.

If you've lost even an ounce of confidence in the power and loving attention of God--if experience has told you that faith must simply acquiesce to impossibility--it's time somebody told you different.

Bible teacher and best-selling author Priscilla Shirer explores two power-packed verses of Scripture, displacing your doubts and rebuilding your assurance--not in a blind attempt to deny life's adversities and troubles, but to show you that God is always up to great things. Amazing things. He's a God who cares, and a God who CAN!

Believe it.

Experience it.

God Is Able.

My thoughts:

In her plucky down-to-earth way, Priscilla Shirer takes us through a phrase by phrase journey of Ephesians 3: 20-21. Yes it is only two verses, but those two verses pack a whole lot of truth in them.

I had the privilege of watching a simulcast from Lifeway Women where Priscilla spoke on this topic. It was a powerful presentation so I was especially looking forward to getting my hands on the book. I looked forward to delving deeper into this particular portion of scripture.

Priscilla begins by introducing us to this portion of scripture by reminding us that it was written by Paul when he was in prison. Talk about thinking things seemed hopeless! But of course that wasn't the case for Paul nor is it for us.

Through the use of humorous as well as serious stories Priscilla guides the reader on a journey of understanding that nothing is out of God's reach. No matter what your particular situation, God knows about it and He is able to bring about a result that is best for you. One of my favorite lines from the book is this, "Just because God can doesn't mean He will. But just because He hasn't doesn't mean He won't. The bottom line is that He is able."

I know that I will personally never think about the ability of God in the same way again. I came away from this study with not only a deeper understanding of the scriptures but also an assurance that no matter what, GOD IS ABLE!

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