Happiness Is A Long Hot Bath ~ And Warm Lotion!

Take Better Care Of My Skin!

One of my ultimate guilty pleasures is a long hot bath. I like my bath water to be so hot that I come out looking like a lobster. There is really only one problem with this . . . I have extremely dry skin! I need lotion on a daily basis.

Most of the time putting lotion on is a nice thing. But in the winter . . . brrrrrr! Cold lotion on a chilly winter night is so unappealing. I avoid it until I just can't stand it anymore. I've tried several lotion warmers and just can't seem to find one that works well. (Full disclosure - I really haven't tried any of the expensive top of the line models.)

The other day I had one of those aha moments. I tried putting my favorite bottle of lotion into the tub with me while I soaked. It worked perfectly! When I got out the lotion was nice and warm and my skin was happy.

So . . . next time you are getting ready to indulge in a nice hot bath throw your favorite bottle of lotion in with you. Then let us know if it worked as well for you as it did for me.

What about when you take a shower? I just stop up the sink and fill it with scalding water then plunk the lotion bottle in. Then when I'm done with my shower I have wonderfully warm lotion. Easy peasy!


  1. I love the lobster water too. The best ideas are always the simplest. Gonna throw that bottle of Aveeno Lavendar Lotion in next time!

    1. They really are and I find myself wondering why I never thought of it before! lol

  2. Winter makes my skin so dry that it wakes me up at night! Hope you enjoy your long bath and it works for ya!

  3. I was just thinking I need a hot bath, now I am here on your blog. I think I'll throw the lotion in with me.


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