Hidden Falls: Losing Quinn - Episode Two by Olivia Newport ~ A Review and Free Download

Olivia Newport

About the book:

Hidden Falls – An Exciting New 13-Part Serial Novel from Shiloh Run Studios

Quinn’s gone. If his disappearance isn’t a prank, then what is it? Why? And where did he go? Sylvia is certain Quinn will reappear soon. There’s a good explanation, and the event can be saved. Quinn would never ruin this night. At least not willingly. So, did he leave against his will? As more time passes without Quinn, anxiety spreads and suspicions rise. Nicole’s reporter nose smells something amiss, and her heart aches that Quinn might be in trouble. Somehow she must help the man who anchored her through her own troubles. Ethan knows he ought to stay and help, too—and find out what the cryptic note from Quinn was about. But he can’t let the shadows of his past cost him his promising future. Long ago, Ethan and Nicole both quit dreaming they could ever reconcile, but as they cross tentative paths once more, will they allow themselves a chance to at least reminisce?

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My thoughts:

After devouring the first episode in this series, I was eagerly awaiting the release of the second. The day finally came and at the click of my mouse I downloaded it to my Kindle. Much to my dismay I finished it very quickly and here I am again waiting for the next episode. (Still excited I must say!)

I am continuing to enjoy getting to know the characters and Olivia Newport is doing a marvelous job of slowly peeling back the layers to keep the mystery going. This episode only moves the story along by a few hours. It picks up with the disappearance of Quinn and allows us to tag along as more and more people begin to realize that he is gone. It is interesting to see the different reactions from each of the people. Some think that Quinn just decided he didn't want to be there and others think something far more sinister is going on.

As expected, right when it felt like a breakthrough was coming, the book ended with a startling cliffhanger. In fact as I sit here I'm not even sure if I know all the details about it yet. So the wait of a week for the next episode is killing me!

At this point I'm not really crazy about this being released as episodes. If I were to do it all over again I'd probably wait until it was completely released and then I could read it at my own preferred pace. Please don't let my negativity about the release cloud my thoughts on the story line. It is very well written an truly does make me want to just devour it! 

Now for some of the details!

You can download the first episode for free for your ereader. The episodes are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christianbook.com for your favorite ereader or as an audio book. You can also keep up with all that is happening in Hidden Falls by visiting their Facebook Page.

Future Episodes:

Episode 1 – Ordinary Secrets

Episode 2 – Losing Quinn

Episode 3 – A Town in Trouble releases 1/31/2014

Episode 4 – Unexpected Hero releases 2/7/2104

Episode 5 – The Mayor’s Quandary releases 2/14/2014

Episode 6 – No Time for Answers releases 2/21/2014

Episode 7 – Yesterday’s Promise releases 2/28/2014

Episode 8 – All You Need to Know releases 3/7/2014

Episode 9 – A Fair Refuge releases 3/14/2014

Episode 10 – One Familiar Tune releases 3/21/2014

Episode 11 -- When Memory Came releases 3/28/2014

Episode 12 – The Groundskeeper Remembered releases 4/4/2014

Episode 13 – Distinguishing Marks releases 4/11/2014

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