Redeemed: A Devotional Based on the #1 Song by Big Daddy Weave ~ A Review

Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave

About the book:


The song Redeemed by the popular Christian group Big Daddy Weave has inspired millions. This collection of 30 devotions by songwriter Mike Weaver focuses on redemption, grace, and the healing power of Christ's love. For fans of Big Daddy Weave who have been touched by Redeemed, this book is more than an impulse purchase; it's a must-read.

"I am redeemed, You set me free,
So I'll shake off these heavy chains, 
Wipe away every stain,
Now I'm not who I used to be,
I am redeemed." 

In case you haven't heard the song or you just want to hear it again, take a listen!

My thoughts:

I love how the lyrics of Big Daddy Weave's music just takes me to the feet of Jesus. So I was very excited to see Mike Weaver's new devotional based on one of their top hits. Mike has taken the lyrics and premise of the song Redeemed and written thirty short and to the point devotions that will remind us why we have been redeemed.

I spent several days with the book tucked into my purse. When I had a moment or two I'd pull it out and devour a chapter. I enjoyed not only the devotional thoughts but also the suggested scriptures and quotes from leading Christian voices. Another little thing that I liked was at the end of each chapter there is a page designated for your personal thoughts. 

The beautiful artwork in the book centers around a heart theme. I'm thinking that this would make a lovely little Valentine's Day gift (along with some chocolate, of course!) for that special someone in your life. The bonus is that it doesn't even have to be a gift to a romantic interest . . . just choose someone you love! We could all use a reminder that we have been REDEEMED!

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