Choosing the Right Styles for Your Body Shape

If you've followed our blog any time at all you've probably seen some of our Take It or Leave It fashion posts. (I promise we are going to get back to those but the weather has been so cold and snowy here that all I can think of is over-sized sweaters, yoga pants and fuzzy slippers. Trust me . . . ain't nobody needin' to see those pictures!)

From those posts you've gathered that my shopping style is I see something I like on a mannequin and then find it in my size. Well, in my pre-baby days that seemed to work a little better than it does now. Clingy turtlenecks were my favorite looks but now I look better in a v-neck top. While I was browsing the web I found this great infographic from Fashioncents that talks about choosing clothing according to body shape. I'm going to try and keep these tips in mind next time I'm out looking for that new outfit! Hope it helps you too.

Choosing Right Styles for Your Body Shape

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