Do You Have A Viewing Party Planned For The Big Game This Weekend? ~ How Much Will You Spend?

If you're like most American households, you are gearing up for some major football watching tomorrow. That probably also means that you have plans for plenty of food and drink for all your company.

The people over at dunnhumby did some research about how much we spend and what we buy for this big party.

Super Party Weekend

This chart just fascinated me. I don't think I spend 36 percent more this week on groceries. Do you think you do?

We're not big beer drinkers at our house so I know we won't spend that much but I'm pretty sure they nailed it on types of snacks we'll purchase. Did you also see the little paragraph about how healthy eaters will typically make an exception for this weekend? That just made me laugh. I'd like to say I stick to what is normal but I'd just be lying. We tend to totally indulge . . . especially in the nacho department.

This year is going to be especially fun because our Little H is turning two on Sunday. Now that's a perfect excuse to add in some cake and ice cream. And toppings, don't forget the toppings!

So what's on tap for your weekend? Will you be watching the game at your house? Will there be snacks? What types? Looking forward to reading your plans!

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