Friend Me by John Faubion ~ A Suspense Book Review


Back of the book:

"You're afraid you are becoming unfaithful, aren't you?"

Scott and Rachel's marriage is on the brink of disaster. Scott, a businessman with a high-pressure job, just wants Rachel to understand him and accept his flaws. Rachel is a lonely housewife, desperate for attention and friendship. So she decides to create a virtual friend online, unaware that Scott is doing the exact same thing. But neither realizes that there's a much larger problem looming . . .

Behind both of their online creations is Melissa, a woman who is brilliant--and totally insane. Masquerading as both friend and lover. Melissa programmed a search parameter into the Virtual Friend Me software to find her perfect man, but along the way she forgot to specify his marriage status. And Scott is her ideal match. Now Melissa is determined to have it all--Scott, his family, and Rachel's life.

As Melissa grows bolder and her online manipulations transition into the real world, Scott and Rachel figure out they are being played. Now it's a race against time as Scott and Rachel fight to save their marriage, and their lives, before it's too late.

My thoughts:

This book is sure to make you rethink how you interact on social media! We all seem to have people that we only know online. We've never met them in person and don't think a thing of revealing personal details to this unknown person because after all we connect so well with them.

That's sort of how it starts with Scott and Rachel. Their marriage is unraveling and they both long to have someone that understands how they feel. When a 'virtual' friend begins to meet those needs it all seems so perfect. But who is behind this 'virtual' friend? 

I love a great book of suspense that has me cringing and shuddering. Friend Me was that and more! It was one of those books that you begin to wonder just how the author came up with all these creepy angles. What is HE really like? LOL 

If you like a novel that will keep you up at night and on the edge of your seat and totally skeptical about all of your Facebook friends, then you should definitely pick up a copy of this one! 

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  1. Somebody ought to comment on your great review, so I think I will.

    First, no I don't sneak around at night and cut people's tires. But yes, it is fun thinking about people that do!

    Second, I love that you really "got" the story. It's all about fidelity.

    Thanks again,

    -- John Faubion (author)

    1. Hi John!

      Thanks for stopping by. Loved your first book and can't wait to read the next one. Write fast!!!

      Thanks for totally creeping me out and also reminding me of just how powerful the bonds of marriage can be. Looking forward to watching you rise in this market.


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