Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, And The Longings Of A Woman's Heart by Dr. Juli Slattery and Dannah Gresh ~ Book Review & Giveaway

Dr. Juli Slattery and Dannah Gresh

About the book:

Are You Sexual or Spiritual?

Christian women don’t have to choose between being sexual and spiritual. They have legitimate longings that the Church has been afraid to talk about, but books like Fifty Shades of Grey exploit. Whether you are single or married, sexually dead or just looking to revive your sex life, Pulling Back the Shades will address your desire to be both sexual AND spiritual.

With solid Biblical teaching and transparent stories, trusted authors Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery, offer an unflinching look at the most personal questions women ask. The book offers practical advice for women to address five core longings:
  • to be cherished by a man
  • to be protected by a strong man
  • to rescue a man
  • to be sexually alive
  • to escape reality
God designed women with these longings and has a plan to satisfy them. It’s time for women to identify their intimate longings and God-honoring ways to fulfill them.

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My thoughts:

Dannah and Juli have put together a book that addresses 'mommy porn' head on. It's not surprising that they have spoken out against this genre. But what is surprising is the way in which they go about it. Instead of shaming women by telling them they are terrible for reading these types of books they go to the root of why we as women are interested in these books.

They have broken our needs as a fulfilled woman into five different areas and then speak to each area. Through the use of a dialogue style filled with personal stories they 'pull back the shades' and reveal the deeper threat to ourselves and our marriages.

The beautiful thing about this book is that it is filled with hope. We don't have to decide if we want to be spiritual or sexual. In fact we were created to be both. (Ever read Song of Solomon?!!) If you want to experience a rejuvenation in your intimate life, pick this book up. It will provide you with tools to use to revamp how you think about sexual intimacy.

Connect with the authors:

Dr. Juli Slattery

Dannah Gresh


We have partnered with Authentic Intimacy to offer a giveaway for Pulling Back the Shades. Ten winners will receive a copy of the book! For your opportunity to win a copy for yourself use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. (U.S. Residents only please.)



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  2. I look forward to reading your book. This is an important subject that has been taboo within churches too long. I've been fortunate to go to church camp where we were able to discuss sexuality and how both men and women think about it. Thank you for bringing this subject out of the shadows!

    1. I can't wait for you to read the book. It is very thought provoking and empowering. You'll have to come back and let us know what you thought if you get to read it!

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    1. Some of my absolutely favorite date nights with my husband are just hanging out. Reminds me how much I really like him (I love him too, but I really do like him!). Hope you get to have another night like that soon!!!

  4. Going out to dinner and then seeing this terrible play. It was such a terrible play that we couldn't stop laughing about it.


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