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Back of the book:

If your life isn't perfect . . .
If you've ever been disappointed . . .
If you feel stressed or tired . . .

This is for you.

You really are going to be okay. And it truly is possible to live with joy, resilience, and strength no matter what life brings. Yes, there will be hurt and hard times. But God wants to help you find ways to survive, grow stronger, and even thrive--no matter what happens.

With her trademark positive encouragement and probing questions for self-reflection, bestselling author Holley Gerth encourages you to spend less of your life stressing or regretting and more of your life truly living.

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My thoughts:

One of the things I like the most about Holley's books, and this one in particular is that you can really hear her heart in the written words on the page. While reading it almost feels as if you are just sitting across the table with her and having a heartfelt conversation. 

She once again dispels those myths (or voices) that seem to reach deep inside us and grab hold and tell us that everything is awful. Through the very pervasive use of scripture she gently reminds us that Satan is the father of lies and that God through His Son Jesus has a plan for us.

I always walk away from her books uplifted and encouraged. This particular book has a section in the back called the Going Deeper Guide that includes probing questions that allow you to further contemplate the truths that were presented in each chapter. It is designed to be done on your own or with a group.

I think this would be a great resource to use with a group of girlfriends over a nice cup of coffee. There are ten chapters so it could easily be done over a ten week time span. The discussion is bound to be that of an intimate nature leading all those involved into a deeper walk with Christ. 

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