The State Of Sex ~ A Giveaway For Pulling Back The Shades

Mommy porn has been around for a long time, but something about '50 Shades' struck a cord with women everywhere. The writing is poor and the scenarios are unrealistic but the books still sold like hot cakes. Something about these books really tapped into some of our deepest longings as women.

But do they help or do they just twist what God made us to desire? What's okay and what's not okay in a healthy relationship? Do we have to decide to be spiritual or sexual? Or is it possible to be both?

Read An Excerpt!

In the newly released book, Pulling Back The Shades, Dannah and Juli take apart the themes of books like '50 Shades' and break it down into five different areas that we women are drawn to and that these books seem to capitalize on. Without heaping shame on those that read these types of books, they point out the reasons we are drawn to them and why we need to be careful what we are reading. Many of these books take a very healthy and normal desire and twist it just enough to distort the good.

Pulling Back The Shades is a very thought provoking book that takes a forthright approach to sexual intimacy. It is addressed to women of all ages and backgrounds and talks plainly about the dangers of erotica for both single and married women.

Juli and Dannah look at erotica from a spiritual and sexual viewpoint. They provide sound Biblical teaching and use personal stories from women that have been affected by erotica. The goal is to help women navigate this uncharted territory and discover how to embrace their sexuality and spirituality.

We were so impressed with this brutally honest book that we wanted to introduce it to our readers and give several of you a chance to read it for yourselves! We are partnering with Authentic Intimacy and Igniting Women Books to giveaway 10 copies of the book.

For your chance to win one of the 10 copies, just use the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway is open to all U.S. residents.

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  1. My best date night memory is when he proposed!

    1. Ahhhh . . . I bet it is! I mean really how can you top that?!!

  2. This message was spot on. My favorite date night memory was when my husband arranged a special night away for the two of us from the kids before baby #5 was born. Very special time!!

    1. What an awesome husband you must have! A date night away before new baby is great, but to have him plan the whole thing is just a double bonus. What a great memory!


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