The Berenstain Bears Keep the Faith by Mike Berenstain ~ A Children's Book Review

Mike Berenstain
Juvenile Fiction

About the book:

Brother and Sister Bear's friend Ferdy Factual loves science. Brother and Sister like science too. But when Ferdy tells Brother and Sister he doesn't believe God created the world, the bear cubs don't know what to think. What does it really mean to have "faith" in something you can't see?

My thoughts:

The adorable Berenstain Bear family is back and they are talking about faith. Brother and Sister Bear have a friend named Ferdy Factual. Ferdy loves everything about science. In fact he puts his faith in science rather than God, who he doesn't believe in. This is very perplexing to the young cubs and causes them to wonder what faith is.

Through some conversations with their parents and their pastor the cubs begin to explore what exactly faith is. The story uses Daniel and the Lions Den as an example of having faith in a God you cannot see.

I think you will enjoy reading this with your kiddos and discussing what having faith in God means. It is a great tool to begin a conversation that will lead to a deeper understanding of faith for your children. In the back of the book is a list of resource to use for discussion questions and suggested activities to help instill the truths that were presented.

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