It's The Little Things That Make Me Crazy!

Little things bother me. And with little kids around there are a lot of little things that bother me. These little things can add up and by the end of the day I am DONE! Like, I cannot handle One. More. Little. Thing. DONE.

Anyone else?

I usually stay up way too late even though I know that as soon as I fall asleep it will be time to get up and do it all over again. I'll be dealing with those little things from yesterday and the new little things that happen today. It’s so overwhelming!
I am sitting here trying to think of ways where I can just let the little things not bother me so much.

For instance my youngest is sick. When I finally got him to sleep I went into the kitchen and started making my oldest Mac and Cheese. About two minutes into making Mac and Cheese my youngest wakes up screaming. So I run in there thinking something is terribly wrong only to discover that he wants ME! I lay down next to him to get him back to sleep and about five minutes later I smell burning noodles.

I get the little one settled with a Barney video and run back in to the kitchen. There I find my oldest crying because the Mac and Cheese that he NEEDED is now burnt. Of course that was the last box of Mac and Cheese we had. 

Little things like this didn't used to bother me before kids. Now they make me totally insane!!! (My momma would say I need to eat better and get more sleep. She's probably right but that little piece of advice makes me crazy too!)

I feel like I just can never get it all together and the thing is I want more kids but feel like I am such a mess.

Anyone else?

Just Keeping It Real,


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