Spring and Summer Are My Favorite Seasons

Parenting gets a whole lot easier come spring and summer. You can spend hours outside with your littles and it’s like a kiss from God!

 It’s so nice to actually just sit and zone out and think about anything or nothing at all without too many interruptions. Plus it’s great for the kids to learn to entertain themselves.

For this reason I want to move to the South someday so I can have nice weather 90% of the year!

Here is a little video of the boys playing in the backyard.

It’s weird watching that video because I can remember being that age in my own backyard. My mom would be sitting on the lounger reading a book and drinking Bigelow tea. I now know why she encouraged us to enjoy the backyard . . . it gave her a much needed break!

I never want those days to end. I know they will and it will be sooner than I am actually ready for. 

I also love the evenings when hubby comes home and we make a fire and do hot dogs and s’mores. No phones, no worries, just us.

What about you? Do you soak in Spring and Summer like us?

Just Keeping It Real,


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