Dreamtreaders by Wayne Thomas Batson ~ A Young Adult Fantasy Review and Giveaway

Dreamtreaders Trilogy, Book 1
Wayne Thomas Batson
Juvenile Fiction/Fantasy

Back of the book:


Fourteen-year-old Archer Keaton is a dreamtreader, one of three people in the entire world destined to defeat evil forces lurking in the Dream. The dreamtreaders' mission is to stop the Nightmare Lord, who terrorizes the dreams of innocent people all over the world. However, Archer's fellow dreamtreaders have gone missing so he's all alone in his fight. And strange sightings in the Dream make Archer think that someone who is not supposed to be there has been trespassing and it's up to him to find and stop the interloper.

But as Archer's adventures in the Dream become more threatening, so too does his waking life. Rigby Thames, the new kid from England, has become popular overnight, and his new group of followers is acting secretive and suspicious. Even Archer's best friend Kara is spending alll of her time with Rigby. Archer can't put his finger on it, but there's more going on with Rigby than meets the eye.

As Archer faces two foes in two worlds, will he be able to quell the nightmares haunting his dreams and reality?

From Jacob's dream of the heavenly stairway in Genesis 28 to angels visiting Joseph's dreams in Matthew 1, dreams have been powerful ingredients of God's plan as revealed through Scripture. This fantasy adventure imagines a whole dream world where God's warriors literally battle evil every night.

My thoughts:

If you have enjoyed C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series or Tolkein's Lord of the Rings series, it is probably a fair guess that you are going to like Batson's newest book Dreamtreaders.

In Dreamtreaders we are allowed to explore three different worlds, the Temporal, the Ethereal, and the Dream. The Temporal realm is where all humans dwell during the waking hours. The Ethereal realm is where humanity came from and it is also their ultimate destiny. Finally the Dream realm is the realm between the two.
"Dream is the twilight world intended to remind those dwelling in the Temporal that there is a far better land, a spectacular far-off country, that waits for them in the someday . . . in the plane of the Ethereal."
With the opening scene we are thrust into the Dream with dreamtreader, Archer Keaton. Archer is there just to patch up some breaches but against all directions to the contrary he decides to take on the Nightmare Lord. After a very close call we follow Archer back into the Temporal realm and experience his life with his family, friends and schoolmates.

The story continues to split between the two worlds with action packed scenes filled with important lessons. The characters are fascinating and the switching between the worlds is very plausible in a fantasy type of way. I appreciated how Archer was portrayed. He made mistakes and he fell into temptations of self-will as any typical teenager would. What set this story apart from so many others in the genre, was that Archer corrected and learned from his mistakes. I also appreciated that even though it was a fantasy book it had good Biblical basis that should lead to some great discussions with your middle grade reader.

While science fiction and young adult fiction are not my typical cup of tea, this story kept my attention throughout the entire book. In fact I am looking forward to reading book two when it comes out. I do however, have two areas of caution. First this is a trilogy, so this is not a stand-alone book. You are going to be left hanging at the end so you will need to read the next two books to see this story draw to a conclusion. Secondly, this book is recommended for readers ages eight to twelve. I would have no problem handing this book to my twelve-year-old without pre-reading it. But I'm not so sure about the younger set. There is nothing out-of-bounds about this story (no sex, no cursing, no untoward innuendos) but it does have violent fighting scenes that might be best experienced while reading with an adult.

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