Let's Go Explore Series by Kim Washburn ~ A Juvenile Nonfiction Review

Kim Washburn
Juvenile Nonfiction

About the books:

In these full-color picture books, young readers travel to the holy lands of Egypt, Israel, Jerusalem, and Galilee. Complete with photographs, maps, vocabulary call-outs, fun facts, and more, they are the perfect resources for the young explorer. Read about the Biblical significance and history of Egypt, Israel, Jerusalem, and Galilee as well as current and curious information about foods, clothes, places of interest, and other pertinent facts of interest.

My thoughts:

Summer is traditionally a time of travel, but not all of us can go to such exotic places as the Holy Lands. What's the next best thing? Why a book of course!

In the Let's Go Explore Series readers are taken on a fascinating tour through the countries that have great significance in the Bible. It is a comprehensive look at the total culture. The reader gets to see people, places and things through some fabulous photography. Each photograph is also accompanied by a short paragraph describing the setting.

The facts found in the books are short and sweet which kept my kiddos attention all the way through. The nice part of the series is that it still appealed to me as an adult. 

This would make a great piece of learning material for your summer reading plan. You'll be teaching your kids about an important region in our religious heritage and they won't even realize it is school work! 

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