Noah and the Mighty Ark by Rhonda Gowler Greene ~ A Children's Book Review

Rhonda Gowler Greene
Illustrated by Margaret Spengler
Juvenile Nonfiction

About the book:

Noah built the mighty ark. Then he called creatures that “crept or crawled or hopped or flew or stomped or tromped, or s-s-slithered too.” Children will love hearing how Noah comforts all the animals on their journey. And parents will easily get into the rhyme and rhythm of this delightfully told Bible story.

My thoughts:

I never get tired of the story of Noah and the building of the ark. It is such an important lesson that we need to teach our children from a very early age. They need to know about God's provision and His promises even in the storms of life.

Rhonda Greene and Margaret Spengler have combined their talents to once again bring this account to life. You are sure to enjoy Rhonda's rhyming verse that explains in detail what took place all those years ago. Margaret's illustrations are bright and colorful and the characters have such sweet facial expressions. 

I appreciated how even the simplest of details about the story were covered. There are details such as the ark being covered in pitch and God Himself shutting the door, that will be important to your children in understanding some of the deeper meanings as they grow older. I can't express how much I love that these things were included and not glossed over. I feel like it is better to teach the story in the correct way from the beginning rather than having to unlearn some things later in life. This is a book that you can trust on the details even though it is a child's storybook.

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