Sleep Sweet My Little One by Patsy Clairmont ~ A Children's Book Review and Giveaway

Patsy Clairmont
Illustrated by Shelley Johannes
Juvenile Fiction

Back of the book:

Settle your little dreamer down for a night of sweet sleep.

Bedtime brings the end of a busy day . . . and sometimes nighttime fears. Sleep Sweet soothes imaginative young minds with comfort that chases the night's shadows away.

Softly glowing illustrations light up the gentle rhymes of bestelling author Patsy Clairmont. Add a prayer, a snuggle, and a kiss good night, and then it's . . .

Sleep Sweet to your little one.

My thoughts:

Part of parenting involves nighttime routines and all that goes with it. Common are the dreamed up terrors that keep our little ones up at night. Shadows on walls turn into big scary monsters. Moon glow on tree branches becomes ghostly arms and fingers reaching out.

Patsy Clairmont and Shelley Johannes have teamed up to help parents combat those nighttime disturbances. In a beautifully illustrated and softly rhyming verse, this book gently explains that the moon is there to quietly light the night. 

Mr. Moon and star friends, Paige, Ben and Boo come out each night to play and warm the night. Mr. Moon paints the dark sky and the star friends sparkle while the earth passes by. They all keep watch while children snuggle soundly in their beds.

Sleep Sweet My Little One is sure to become a popular bedtime companion. Patsy's endearing writing style is soothing while it entertains and scatters the fears of little ones. The illustrations are done in a watercolor medium that just adds softness and tranquility to the story.

This book is designed for children around the ages of one to four, but of course can be enjoyed as part of your nighttime routine with the whole family.

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The Giveaway:

We have partnered with Tommy Nelson to offer an opportunity for one of our readers to win a copy of Sleep Sweet My Little One for their family. If you are interested in entering the giveaway just use the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway is open to all U.S. residents ages 18 and over.

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  1. We pray before bed so my son isn't too scared, and tell him that God's angels are always protecting him so he doesn't have to be afraid.

  2. I explain that thunder and lightning is part of God's creation and that lit nightly prayers are always heard by a loving God.


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