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Today's Prompt: BLOOM


I have this little plant stake that has the saying “Bloom Where You’re Planted”. I never thought much about it until this past year. It always seemed like a quaint little trinket with a double meaning. Then the totally unexpected happened.

My husband had a major job change that left us living out of a suitcase and a hotel for the past year. It isn’t easy to make friends when you are only in a location for a month at the most. How do you even go about trying to find your niche let alone bloom in it?

Somewhere around month two it finally dawned on me that perhaps this was a season in my life that was meant for me to draw closer to my husband and to my Savior. Once I settled into that thought I really did begin to bloom.

I’m sure some of the hotel staff probably wondered what was going on in my room with the loud praise music and the wacky woman talking out loud to herself. (I tend to talk aloud to the Lord when it is just He and I in the room.) When my husband would come home to the hotel we would spend time together at the pool or just in the room talking about things that we just never had time to before.

The seemingly impossible began to happen. I began to bloom! Not only did I bloom but I would even hazard to say that I blossomed. I not only reconnected with my husband and Jesus but I remembered who I was. Beyond being a wife, mother and grandmother, I’m an artist, a lover of the written word, and a total Coca-Cola addict! (Hey, a girl has to have some vices to survive the wash, rinse and repeat life of living in a hotel.)

Now it’s your turn . . . where are you blooming at in your life right now?


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  1. Oh, I loved your post! The word bloom, also brought the phrase,"Bloom where you are planted" to my mind also. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. Brandi (@Fitzysmom)July 18, 2014 at 11:23 AM

      Thanks for dropping by Jo Rose! I hope you have a lovely weekend as well.

  2. Living out of a suitcase and a hotel for a year must be a huge challenge! (Though I would not miss vacuuming or dusting at all ...) I'm so glad you were able to use that time to strengthen your relationships with the Lord and your husband. What a precious way to spend the time!

    1. Brandi (@Fitzysmom)July 18, 2014 at 11:28 AM

      Thanks for your sweet words Melissa! The ironic thing is that you eventually get tired of housekeeping. They were usually very sweet women but it was a bit awkward. I'd leave my room and go sit and read at the pool so they could come clean. It never failed that when I went back to my room they were usually just getting to my room to clean. LOL

      I finally just started handing them our dirty towels and trash and trading them for new supplies. It actually worked out better. It gave me a chance to connect with each of them and convey my thanks for what they were doing. At first they were a bit stand-offish but slowly I got to know them and it gave me another area to pray about!

  3. I have learned so much from this journey of yours as well. Although, you know right now I would give anything for a quite hotel room! lol

    1. Who says a hotel room is quiet?!! We always seemed to be lucky enough to have little kids above us and loud adults next door. That's the reason for loud praise music. LOL


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