The Revealing by Suzanne Woods Fisher ~ A Contemporary Amish Romance Review

The Inn at Eagle Hill, Book 3
Contemporary Romance/Amish

Back of the book:

Love does extraordinary things to PEOPLE . . .

In a single, impulsive act, Naomi King chooses to follow her heart into unfamiliar territory, jeopardizing all that she holds dear. If anyone finds out what she's up to, she's in for trouble. But when it comes to Tobe Schrock, Naomi believes it's worth it.

But it all comes crashing down when a young woman arrives at the Inn at Eagle Hill with an unexpected delivery for Tobe. Add a guest at the inn with a curious talent and a genealogist who is more interested in modern-day Schrocks than in old family trees, and evidence starts to mount that points to something sinister at work. Or someone.

In this riveting conclusion to The Inn at Eagle Hill series, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher pulls out all the stops with a fast-paced tale of deception, revelation, and romance.


My thoughts:

I often find endings bittersweet. It's nice to see all the loose ends tied up but it's also hard to leave behind a story that you've become so interested in. As with life you often wonder what happens next with these wonderful characters. Of course when Suzanne Woods Fisher is the author these new friends just may jump onto the pages of the next book she writes. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

The Revealing brings The Inn at Eagle Hill series to an end. I enjoyed reading how each love story finally came together. I smiled at the continued antics of Luke and Sammy and enjoyed the addition of Jesse Stoltzfus (and the rest of his family). What I particularly liked about this story was that it wasn't just about conclusions. There was plenty of new drama to be had. New characters appeared and new links to the original tragedy were revealed. In fact there was an ongoing storyline that I had completely wrong. You'd think I would be disappointed that I didn't figure it out right away. Trust me there were clues when I look back on it. Instead I am completely delighted that Suzanne was still able to weave such a great tale after such an extended period of being with these same characters.

Each of the books in The Inn at Eagle Hill series was intended to be a stand alone novel. However, I really think you need to read them all in order to fully grasp and appreciate the complete story going on in Stoney Ridge this time around. So begin your journey with The Letters, which is book one and introduces you to Rose and the rest of the Schrock family. Then read The Calling, which is book two and focuses in on Bethany's story. Then treat yourself to the little novella, The Rescue, whichi isn't totally necessary to the series but it's definitely worth the read. Finally settle in and read The Reavealing,and I then promise that you will come away from the whole series satisfied and eagerly waiting for the next journey that Suzanne chooses to take us on!

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  1. Hi Brandie! Thanks for posting such a thoughtful review about "Revealing!" I genuinely appreciate your help in getting the word out to readers about my book. Hope you'll be a part of the upcoming Christmas story book! Warmly, Suzanne

    1. Thanks for stopping by Suzanne! You know we love your Christmas books!!! Can't wait to get our hands on this year's novel.


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