A Bouquet of Love by Janice Thompson ~ A Weddings By Design Series Review

Weddings By Design, Book 4
Janice Thompson
Contemporary Romance

Back of the book:

She didn't expect to fall in love--but roses aren't the 
only thing blooming on Galveston Island

Cassia Pappas has found herself in a nearly impossible situation. She wants to spend her time immersed in her new job at a Galveston Island floral shop, arranging blooms and brightening occasions with her lovely creations. But her boisterous Greek family--especially her father--has other ideas. They've all relocated to Galveston to open up a new family restaurant located on the Strand--directly across the street from iconic pizza place Parma John's--and they want Cassia's full participation.

To make matters worse, as Cassia is trying to develop a strong professional relationship with Galveston's premier wedding coordinator, Bella Neeley, her own father is intent on stealing all of the Rossi family's faithful customers. Not exactly the best way to get into this former Rossi's good graces!

Still, at least Alex, that hot delivery guy from the nursery, is always hanging around the flower shop.


My thoughts:

When I'm looking for a hilarious yet touching read I turn to Janice Thompson's work. She's sure to delight all of her loyal fans with this newest peek into the beloved yet wacky Rossi family. This time around there is a new family on the block. If you thought the Rossi clan was over the top, just wait until you get to know the Pappas family.  The Pappas family has moved to Galveston and set up their Greek restaurant directly across the street from Parma John's. Let the rivalry begin!

The storyline this time around centers on Cassia Pappas and her big Greek family. Cassia loves flowers and even went to school to learn floral design, but her father has other plans for her. He thinks she should be a good Greek daughter and stay and help run the family business, Super Gyros. In an impulsive moment Cassia applies for and gets a job at Patti-Lou's Petals. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the flower shop is owned by the rival Rossi family. The problem is she likes them and wants to continue on. How in the world is she going to convince her Babbas to give his blessing?

While I think you would benefit from reading the whole series and perhaps even going back and reading the beginning series, Weddings by Bella, you can just snatch this book up and read it on its own. All the zany characters are included and the shenanigans of the Rossi family are now being topped by the Pappas family. What more could you want for a lazy afternoon's entertainment?!! 

This story is full of fun. The characters are at times annoying yet moments later endearing. Once you begin reading about them you are going to wish you could meet them in real life. Or maybe you already have . . . after all don't we each have that crazy relative in our lives that we just can't live without? If you've got a quirky family that you love, I think you're also going to love the Rossi and Pappas families.

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