What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days by Holley Gerth ~ A Devotional Review

Holley Gerth
Nonfiction / Devotional

Back Of The Book:

We all have days that make us want to pull the covers back over our heads and eat a dozen cupcakes.

Thankfully, Jesus said we don't "live on bread alone"--that includes cupcakes--"but on every word that comes from the mouth of God" (Matt. 4:4). What we really need is truth.

If you're tired, discouraged, or feel a little empty inside, my prayer is that by the end of our time together, you'll be refreshed and nourished in a way that will sustain you through whatever the future may hold.

Remember, you're not alone, my friend.

In this uplifting book, Holley Gerth invites you to be filled with the strength, peace, and joy that come from God's promises. Each of the 52 devotions based on the Psalms will help you remember that God is good and we're all in this together.


My Thoughts:

If you read and enjoyed Holley's latest book You're Going To Be Okay then I think you'd really like this follow-up devotional. It is filled with 52 different devotions that can be used as a daily pick me up or a weekly boost just when  you need it most.

Holley's wit and wisdom shine through in this little book. She opens with this little gem in her classic style of upbeat realism.
"We all have hard days. The kind that make us want to pull the covers back over our heads, move to Hawaii, or eat a dozen cupcakes. Deep inside we know those aren't the best options for our lives or our thighs. So what's a girl to do?"
Did I just hear you shout AMEN? I know I did. Holley just has a way of putting into words exactly what we are all thinking and feeling. Then she comes along and sprinkles wonderful words of Scripture over the top of the situation and allows the Word to speak healing and hope over each of us.

What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days takes us straight to the book of Psalms. Each of the sections start with a verse and then a short portion filled with stories meant to encourage your daily walk with Christ. It is followed up with a section that is entitled What My Heart Is Saying To You. In this part Holley begins a prayer and then adds a prompt for you to finish the thought on your own. There is a small blank area that you can write out your prayer if you wish. Each day's reading ends with a section that is entitled What My Heart Is Hearing From You. This part gives a suggested portion from the Psalms for further reading (usually a couple of chapters). It also has a small blank section that you can add personal thoughts.

If you are looking for a gift for a sweet friend or even just a little treat for yourself this would be the ideal thing. What could be better than Holley's writing and God's Holy Word mixed together?!!

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