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Price of Privilege Trilogy, Book 3
Jessica Dotta
Historical Fiction


HAVING FINALLY DISCOVERED the truth of her birthright, Julia Elliston is determined to outwit Chance Macy at his own game. Holding a secret he’d kill to keep, however, is proving more difficult than she imagined.

Just when Julia thinks she’s managed to untangle herself from Macy’s clutches, he changes tactics with a risky ploy. As the scandal of the century breaks loose, drawing rooms all over London whisper what so far newspapers have not dared to print: Macy’s lost bride is none other than Lord Pierson’s daughter—and one of the most controversial cases of marital law ever seen comes before Victorian courts.

Though Julia knows Macy’s version of events is another masterful manipulation, public opinion is swaying in his favor. Caught in a web of deceit and lies, armed only with a fledgling faith, Julia must face her fiercest trial yet.

Price of Privilege Trilogy Covers by Jessica Dotta

My Thoughts

The problem with being a lover of British literature from the likes of Austen and the Bronte sisters is that once you have read their complete works then all the mystery is gone. Granted you can still read them over and over again and enjoy them, but that delicious indulgence of a first reading can be no more.

Two years ago I read my first Jessica Dotta book which was actually the first book in the Price of Privilege Trilogy. It really was just as magical as curling up with one of the classics. Book one, Born of Persuasion set the stage for our main character Julia Elliston. The story is told through out all three books in a narrative form from the perspective of Julia looking back over the events of her life. The second book, Mark of Distinction draws the reader deeper into the dangerous world that Julia finds herself in. As with the first many things are left unfinished and the reader is compelled to anticipate the next installment.

Finally we have arrived at the conclusion of the trilogy with Price of Privilege. I am sad to see the story end, but sad in an also satisfied way. Up until the very end of this book you are left wondering exactly how all of the tangled knots from the past can be undone. It seems as if the lies will be believed as truth and the darkness will overshadow the light. 

The storyline of Julia learning to trust and turn to her herd is one that we all need to listen to. God put specific people into Julia's life to give her protection. Like many of us she struggled to listen to God and to trust what was put before her. Many times she chose her own way and it just continued to lead to destruction. 

I would say that these are not stand-alone works. Each installment builds into the next and leads to the ultimate finish. Looking back on the three books I am struck with how short the actual time frame of events is. Of course there are flashbacks to childhood and earlier times, but the current setting covered is only a matter of weeks. Ms. Dotta did a fantastic job of spreading the material out over the three books without making it feel like the story was dragging. I can't imagine the story being any shorter nor any longer. It had that perfect feel of completion when it was finished.

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