Bunny's First Spring by Sally Lloyd-Jones ~ Children's Book Review

Bunny's First Spring by Sally Lloyd-Jones

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Sally Lloyd-Jones
Juvenile Fiction (ages 3-8)

"It's the birthday of the world!" said the bunny.

When a bunny is born in spring, the world is green and new and full of hope. But as the months pass the breeze turns cold, the leaves on the apple tree fall, and the swallows leave the barn. The little bunny begins to worry that everything is dying.

Written by New York Times bestselling author Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by award-winning artist David McPhail, Bunny's First Spring celebrates the joy-filled rebirth and renewal at the heart of springtime. As the earth thaws and the robins return to their nests, the little bunny discovers hope, transformation, and the miracle of new life all around him.

My Thoughts

Bunny's First Spring may be a children's book but it reminded me of some very important truths. Fall is a season of dying and winter can seem like death, but spring brings the hope of renewal. 

This tale takes us through the first year of little bunny's life. He is born in the spring when everything is fresh and new. But soon the seasons begin to change and fall is upon them. Everything about nature seems to be dying and slowing down. This of course makes bunny sad. The trees and streams and other animals whisper to him that it is just a season of rest but bunny doesn't hear them. 

With the onset of winter bunny and his family go into hibernation. When the family awakes spring is upon them. And once again all things are made new.

This is another beautiful story from Sally Lloyd-Jones that gently teaches the concept of renewal. This would be the perfect addition to an Easter basket or a unit study on spring for your young children. The illustrations by David McPhail are simply beautiful and sure to keep your kiddo interested in the story.

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