Romancing Your Better Half: Keeping Intimacy Alive in Your Marriage by Rick Johnson {Book Review}

Romancing Your Better Half by Rick Johnson

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Rick Johnson
Nonfiction / Marriage

Expert advice to keep the fire burning in your marriage

If you've been married more than a few years, you probably know how it goes. You start out in the throes of passionate romance only to have the fire cool over the years--especially when kids come along or life gets too busy. But keeping the romance alive is easier than most people think. Now the author of Becoming Your Spouse's Better Half shares the secrets of pursuing romance that won't quit.

With wit and wisdom, Rick Johnson shows you how to communicate effectively with your spouse, recapture the feeling of young love, incorporate romance and intimacy into everyday life, understand each other's unique sexual needs, and more. The useful insights and solid advice in this practical book will strengthen your marriage now and into the future.

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My Thoughts

I am an absolute creature of habit. I like things to stay the same old, same old. In fact for me to even change my living room around takes a miracle. But the other day I lost my mind and did it. Guess what . . . I love the new look. Same old furniture and area rug, but with a little switch up it all looks new and inviting.

In his new book Romancing Your Better Half Rick Johnson explores some of those same types of things. If you've been in a marriage relationship for awhile you know it is easy to slip into the same old, same old pattern. It may not even be a bad pattern, but why not go for something a little different that will make things seem new and inviting?

This book is written from a male perspective and in my opinion it mostly addresses the husband. But I'm here to tell you that as the wife I gleaned many things from it. I've read quite a few other books of similar subject matter but they were all from the female perspective. It was interesting to read a portion and then discuss it with my husband and get his perspective. Very enlightening! 

This isn't another book on how to fix a broken marriage but rather a book on how to take a good marriage to the next level. Chapters seven and eight were worth the price of the book in and of themselves. They are respectively titled His Needs (For Her) and Her Needs (For Him). These two chapters combined allowed my husband and I to talk about subjects that neither of us would have ever thought to talk about.

If you love your spouse and want to go deeper with them get this book and go through it together. Rick's mix of frankness and humor will lead you both into a closer relationship with each other.

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