Books To Add To Your Easter Baskets!

Books to add to your Easter baskets.

Book review disclosure.

I love to fill my kids Easter baskets with chocolate peanut butter eggs, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies with the hopes that they will feel generous and want to share their bounty with their momma. My husband and I also fill plastic eggs with little surprises and spend Saturday night dyeing real eggs with the kids. (Wouldn't want my kids to be the only ones to show up to Sunday School without stained fingers!) 

But I have to admit that while I love all of these silly traditions the obligation to share with my children the real reason for the celebration weighs heavy on my heart. All the chocolate in the world can't hold a candle to the power behind the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ and my kids need to know that. 

One of the easiest ways that I have found to keep our Easter celebration centered on Christ is to add some wonderful new Easter themed books to their Easter baskets. I thought I'd share with you some of the ones I came across for this year's baskets.

Little Chick's Bible and Little Bunny's Bible
Little Chick's Bible  or Little Bunny's Bible is a soft, cuddly Bible that children can call their own. Throughout this plush-covered book, little ones learn about God's love and faithfulness in stories from the Old and New Testaments on the Bible. With sweet, rhyming text and colorful illustrations, this storybook Bible is sure to become a favorite with preschoolers.

The First Easter Ever
The First Easter Ever by Dennis Jones is perfect for 6-12 year olds. Dennis' drawings are sure to bring a smile to your face.

The first Easter was a day of great rejoicing! Jesus had done exactly as his Father wanted on earth. He showed us just how much God loves everyone--including you and me! And now he has risen from the dead! Read all about Jesus and his work and rejoice! Alleluia! 

The Beginner's Bible Stories About Jesus
The Beginner's Bible Stories About Jesus follows the story of Jesus’ life from his humble birth to his life as an adult as he preaches and teaches the people. Using the classic iconic art and simple text from  The Beginner's Bible , this padded board book will appeal to the youngest reader with its message of God’s love and its stories of the miracles and words of Jesus.

Come Celebrate Easter Sticker & Activity Book
What little kid doesn't like stickers? This would be perfect for all the little boys and girls in your family. It is a consumable that the kids are expected to write and color in. Perfect for a quiet pew activity. 

The Easter story comes to life through age-appropriate puzzles, activity pages, and stickers in this friendly and fun The Beginner’s Bible Easter Sticker and Activity Book featuring classic art and simply written content from The Beginner’s Bible.

Gift Bible for Kids
From the time my kids were little they absolutely loved to carry their very own Bibles to church. It made them feel so big! One of these inexpensive Gift Bible for Kids would make the perfect addition to your Easter baskets. 

Gift Bibles have come a long way. These are absolutely beautiful. They have imitation leather covers with cute designs. If you buy them at your local book store you can probably get them imprinted with the child's name. 

The bonus content explores the teachings, ministry, miracles, and parables of Jesus, as well as life in New Testament times, helping the bible come alive for kids. 

Features include:
  • Words of Christ in red
  • Bible dictionary concordance
  • Book introductions
  • Presentation page for personalizing and gift giving

I hope this list gives you some ideas on bringing the good news of the death and resurrection to your Easter baskets. It's not too late to order online. If you have a local Christian book store consider stopping in and picking up some great books for your kids.

Even if you don't personally have children consider gifting children you know with an Easter book. The First Easter Ever retails at $1.99 so it would be an inexpensive way to share about the true meaning of Easter with your Sunday School class or even neighborhood children.


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