Believe Student Edition by Randy Frazee ~ Living The Story of the Bible to Become Like Jesus

Believe: Student Edition by Randy Frazee

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Young Adult Nonfiction/Bible

You've heard the story of the Bible.
Now it's time to make it your own.

Think. Act. Be.

Let the bible transform you. This is not a book that leaves hearts unchanged.

Believe Student Edition takes you on an exploration into ten key beliefs, ten key practices, and ten key virtues of Christianity. Grounded in carefully selected Scripture passages, Believe Student Edition is a spiritual growth experience that takes you on a journey to think, act, and become more like Jesus.

The Bible is more than just a book of stories. It's a blueprint for living. Let the words of God change you as you learn how to think, act, and become more like Jesus.


My Thoughts

Teenage years can be turbulent. Pressure from outsiders and from ones self can make day-to-day living a maze of uncertainty. But what if there were a way to help our teens navigate that path? When they were younger we were so diligent about reading them Bible stories before bed but now that they are older it is easy to set that aside. I say let's not slip into the idea of entrusting others to guide our teens. Instead let's engage them with Scripture and show them that there is a plan and they are part of it.

Randy Frazee's Believe Student Edition is a great tool to begin an in depth study on what the Bible says about how we as Christians should think, act, and be. It goes along with the other editions of the books and curriculum so that you could easily incorporate it into a family study. Each of the thirty chapters cover the exact same topics that the adult and kids' editions cover. The only difference is that the writing is being addressed to the teenage audience it was designed for. 

I say that this would be perfect for a family study but I also think it would be a very useful study in youth groups as well. There is a whole student curriculum DVD study that goes along with it that would help introduce each topic to the entire group.  

I would recommend this to any family with teenagers or any group that works with teenagers. The study of God's Word will give them a solid foundation and an assurance of who they are and what is expected of them in the body of Christ.

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