Hope Harbor by Irene Hannon {Contemporary Fiction Review}

Hope Harbor by Irene Hannon

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Contemporary Fiction

Where hearts heal . . . 
and love blooms.

Tracy Campbell never wanted to leave Hope Harbor, Oregon, or the idyllic three-generation cranberry farm where she grew up. But life--and love--altered her plans. Now she's home again--with a floundering farm to run . . . a tragic secret . . . and a wounded heart. Romance is not on her agenda. Nor is it on Michael Hunter's. The visitor from Chicago has daunting secrets and devastating regrets of his own. But when Tracy recruits him to help with a project that is close to her heart, winds of change begin to sweep through Hope Harbor, bringing healing, hope, and love to countless lives--including their own.


My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoy Irene Hannon's suspense novels and I quickly devour them as soon as they are on the market. Much to my delight her contemporary fiction titles are every bit as good. She's a talented author and is able to switch genres with ease.

The interesting part is that even her contemporary fiction books have that suspenseful element to them that makes the story fly by. In Hope Harbor she introduces us to Michael Hunter who is a widower seeking a way to realign his life. He has come to Hope Harbor looking for a time of relaxation and reflection.  Through a series of mishaps he meets cranberry farmer Tracy Campbell. If you had to rely on first impressions Tracy would surely write Michael off. 

Tracy has regrets of her own that leave her unwilling to take the risk of being involved with anyone again. When Michael begins to pursue her in order to apologize for their initial meeting she quickly decides it is in her best interest to avoid him. Besides she's got enough on her plate with a failing farm and a charity endeavor that has quickly gotten out of hand.

I enjoyed riding along as the two of them developed a friendship that blossomed into more. In this instance I think I liked the side stories even more than the main one. This quaint little village on the Oregon coast is a place that looks idyllic but just like the rest of America it is also full of hurting people. The interesting part was that Michael came to Hope Harbor to rest, recharge and heal. But God also chose to use him during this time to bring hope and healing to those around him. 

If you're looking for a story about hurting people that receive healing then this is the one for you. I enjoyed the complexity of the story and the vibrancy of the characters and I think you will too.

If you are part of a book club there is a great Reading Group Guide that you can download here. It contains 20 very thought provoking and discussion inducing questions that will help your group get started.

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