Summer Infant Pop N Play Portable Playard {Baby Product Review}

With the holidays fast approaching and my third child recently learning how to crawl I wanted to try out Summer Infants Pop 'N Play Portable Playard. I was looking for something to safely contain baby bear but still allow him to play freely within boundaries! Yes, some may call this baby jail but I promise you it is not being used as a punishment. Our sweet boy gets to play and momma gets a break from constantly removing him from unsafe situations.

Now this is not your traditional play yard. The Pop 'N Play is made for travel. As the name implies you just Pop it open and slide clips into place and baby is ready to play or nap. When it's time to go just simply slid the clips out of place and fold! It comes with a travel bag that can easily be carried over your shoulder. Think about how camping chairs work and you'll get the concept.

Not only does baby bear love it, his three-year-old brother does too. At first I wasn't so sure about this but shortly I realized that if both the three-year-old and baby bear were together then mischief was easily contained! Can we say #MOMWIN ?!!

Since this play yard is so light weight and made to fold compactly it does not have a padded floor. That could make nap time a little uncomfortable so we solve that by laying a quilt down for napping. For whatever reason baby bear sleeps better in this than his crib!

I really do not like to impose on others but with the holidays I need a way to keep my baby safe from all the decorations. At our own house we can easily make sure that happens. However, I cannot expect family and friends to have a baby proof house. This is my main reason why the Pop 'N Play would be a great staple for every family, you can have a safe spot to nap and play at anyone's home without imposing!

Honestly, going anywhere is hard on baby but with the Pop 'N Play the last thing to worry about is how baby will be safe during the holidays! Our family gives the Summer Infant Pop 'N Play 5 out 5 stars.

I cannot wait until summer to take this playard camping and picnicking! Please, consider following us on Instagram to see more photos of the Pop 'N Play fitting in with our daily life.

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The Summer Infant Pop 'N Play Portable Playard can be purchased at Lowes, Amazon, Babies R US, and Target!


  1. Thanks for this honest and detailed review! Looks like it worth every penny if you are a family that likes to be outside every weekend! It's well built and light weight, isn't it? I think it can be easily used both indoors and outdoors. I still wonder if it is a good fit for beach? What are your thoughts?


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