The Imposter (The Bishop's Family, Book 1) by Suzanne Woods Fisher {Book Review}

The Bishop's Family, Book 1
Contemporary Romance

A heart once deceived should
not be easily fooled again . . .

Katrina Stoltzfus thought she had life and love all figured out: she was going to marry John and live happily ever after. But as her plans crumble before her eyes, she struggles to face an uncertain future. When a widow asks for help starting a new business, Katrina quickly agrees. She needs time to heal her broken heart, to untangle her messy life, to find a purpose.

What she doesn't need is attention from Andy Miller, a farmhand who arrives at the widow's farm just when help is most needed--and who always seems to say the right thing and be in the right place, at the right time. Is Andy for real or too good to be true? She's been deceived once before, and she isn't planning on experiencing it again.

Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher invites you back to Stoney Ridge for a tale of love, uncertainty, and trusting God to write your story.


My Thoughts

If you've ever been deceived by someone posing as someone they are not then you will instantly relate to Katrina Stoltzfus. Katrina thought that she was about to marry John and begin a life full of love and caring. Much to her dismay those plans changed leaving Katrina hurt, angry, and lacking the ability to trust.

When the opportunity to help her neighbor Thelma she jumped at the chance to get away. Unfortunately Thelma hired a farmhand by the name of Andy Miller. He's handsome and compassionate . . . all the things that irritate Katrina right now. Katrina decides to steer clear of Andy but of course he keeps popping up at just the right time. 

I enjoyed this journey back to Suzanne Woods Fisher's Stoney Ridge. It was nice to get a little glimpse of those familiar faces and catch up with what they have been doing since we last visited. But what I really liked was the story of Katrina's journey from betrayal to trust. Fisher tells the story of learning to trust God with everything, even the tough stuff. He has the ability to use everything, even hurtful things to bring about good in our lives. 

I believe that this is going to be another great series from Fisher. I look forward to hearing more about the old residents of Stoney Ridge and anticipate meeting some new characters as well. If you enjoy contemporary fiction with an Amish flavor definitely check this one out!

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