An Endless Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti {Christmas Book Review}

Contemporary Romance / Christmas

Sometimes love looks different than we imagined.

Both in their eighties, Dodie and Wilson Binder celebrate every Christmas as if it were their last. This year, their grandson Micah is planning to ask his girlfriend, Katie, to marry him so they can celebrate with the whole family. But things go very wrong when she says “no.” Now they are stuck. Too many people, too much snow, and too little room should be a recipe for disaster. But sometimes too much is just enough. Especially when it’s Christmas.

Will Katie let herself love and be loved before it is too late?

My Thoughts

Cynthia Ruchti has taken all of those wonderful elements from some of our favorite family Christmas stories and captured them in the pages of this wonderful book. The Binder family is large and loud and on top of each other in their grandparents' cottage. And they would have it no other way. But to poor Katie it is just a bit overwhelming. She's never experienced such dynamics and isn't quite sure what to make of everyone.

To Micah this is normal. Why wouldn't you ask a very personal question in front of every single family member imaginable? Katie's answer isn't what he or the rest of the family expects but it's Christmas and there are time honored traditions in this family that must be carried out regardless.

This story brought out all the emotions for me. I laughed so hard at some of the lunacy that went on in this tale. Can I just say too many people and too few bathrooms? Then quite unexpectedly I found myself sobbing . . . yes sobbing, over a scene so gut wrenching and poignant. I'm not going to tell you what happened because it would ruin the book, but I will say that it is a true picture of family. (Want to hear something really silly? I'm tearing up about it as I write this.)

If you are blessed to be part of a family this book is going to tug at your heartstrings. Life can be messy, but it can also be beautiful. Experience both in this beautiful story of a flawed family made perfect through their love of each other and their trust in Christ. 

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