Journey Through Time Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game from Wonder Forge

I think we have found a new favorite game for our whole family to play. Journey Through Time Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game from Wonder Forge is an engaging game for both children and adults. It is a nice mix of individual play as well as team play.

The game board itself is huge which adds to the excitement for the little ones. We have a long dining room table and it fit but if you don't have one that is at least six foot long you'll need to play this one on the floor.

You can play with one to six players. (We played with a few more due to little ones in adult laps.) Each player chooses to be the navigator, inventor, pilot, mechanic, archaeologist, or historian. Then each player spins and moves individually until they land on a certain spot and then everyone has one minute to find as many of the hidden objects as they can. It was fun to see how quick the little ones caught on.

The game takes you through seven different historic eras which include Prehistoric, Ancient Egypt, Medieval, Pirates, Wild West, and ending with the future.

At its core the game is simple which I appreciated. The simplicity allowed different ages of children to play well together without frustrating the adults by trying to explain complex rules.

Even with all of the silliness involved it took us under an hour to complete the game. Just enough time to make it worth playing but not too long to lose the interest of the youngest players.

If you enjoy a fun family game night you should give this one a try. Our family enjoyed it and we think yours will too.

You can purchase the game at Target either in store or online or it can also be ordered online from Amazon.

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