My Christmas Stocking: Filled With God's Love by Crystal Bowman {Children's Book Review}

Written by Crystal Bowman
Illustrated by Claudine Gevry
Juvenile Fiction / Christmas

What happens on Christmas Eve while children sleep?

"Their stockings are filled up with candy and toys, and happy surprises for good girls and boys."

My Christmas Stocking tells little ones the story of a kindhearted man named Saint Nicholas, who hid a gift in a stocking long ago to remind everyone of the Gift that God sent.

My Thoughts

Each year for the month of December I wrap up twenty-four books. Then each night a different child picks one book to open and we will then read that particular book. This year My Christmas Stocking has made it into the mix.

When choosing books for this endeavor I like to find ones that are not only entertaining but educational as well. My Christmas Stocking tells the history of the hanging and filling of stockings in a charming sing song type of verse. 

We have a nine month old that hasn't quite figured out that books are not to be eaten so this particular book was chosen with him in mind. It is a board book and while I don't think it would withstand unlimited amounts of drool it is sturdy enough for me to have time to remove it from his mouth before serious damage can be done.

I really like the wonderful story and verses it contains, but the images by Claudine Gevry shouldn't be overlooked. She did a beautiful job of capturing the wonder and delight of the season.

If you have a little one in your household this would make a great addition to your collection of Christmas stories. They will learn all about the tradition of the Christmas stocking while being entertained with words and illustrations. 

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