The Rhyme Bible Storybook For Little Ones by L. J. Sattgast {Children's Book Review}

L. J. Sattgast
Illustrated by Laurence Cleyet-Merle
Juvenile Nonfiction 

The fun-time, anytime, read-aloud Bible rhyme!

Boys and girls love the soothing sounds of rhyme. Now toddlers have a rhyming Bible created just for them! From the story of creation to the resurrection of Jesus, this is the perfect choice for parents who want to introduce their toddlers to the Word of God. Joyful pictures and classic stories told in vivid verse make this a sure favorite that will entertain your young ones and teach them biblical lessons that last a lifetime.

My Thoughts

When I am choosing books to read to my littlest grands I tend to gravitate to rhyming verse books. The words are catchy and the rhythm seems to help my littles retain the material. Plus it's just fun to read!

Most of the stories in  The Rhyme Bible Storybook For Little Ones contain poems that are easily remembered and repeated. I absolutely love hearing my grands retell a story that we just shared. The cuteness is just over the top. 

This book contains ten classic Bible stories, six from the Old Testament and four from the New Testament. I was pleased that they captured not only the essence but the true meaning of each of the passages even though the story has been turned into a rhyming verse. 

This book was formerly published under the title of The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers and contains all the same material. It is a very sturdy padded cover board book that will stand up to the handling that little ones dish out. Easter isn't that far away and I think this would make a wonderful addition to your little one's Easter basket. 

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