An October Bride (Year of Weddings Novella) by Katie Ganshert {eBook Review}

Year of Weddings Novella
Contemporary Fiction

What if the only way you could make your father’s last wish come true . . . was to marry the man of your dreams?

Emma Tate has just moved on from one fiancĂ©, so when she announces a sudden engagement to her lifelong buddy Jake Sawyer, every busybody in Mayfair goes into high alert. Of course, no one but Jake and Emma know the real reason they’re getting married—so Emma’s dying father will have a chance to walk her down the aisle.

But while Jake and Emma move forward with their plan—and frantically plan an October wedding—it becomes clear that their agreement has a few complications . . . the biggest being their true feelings for each other.

With dubious friends, deliriously thrilled parents, and a town that won’t keep its nose out of their business, Emma and Jake will have a lot to contend with if they’re going to pull this off. The real question is: Who wants this wedding more, Emma’s dad . . . or Emma?

My Thoughts

After reading several of the novellas in this series I have to say that this one took me completely by surprise. Yes, it is a story about a wedding but it is also a story about an impending death. Emma Tate is heartbroken over her father's declining health and is desperate to do something for him.

By accident she stumbles upon her father's bucket list. As fate would have it there is one thing on the list that has not been checked off and that only she can make happen. Her father wishes to walk her down the aisle. Unfortunately she's broken up with her fiance and doesn't have another prospect in sight.

Enter long time family friend Jake Sawyer. Emma has had a crush on Jake for-ev-er! Jake and her brother are good friends so Emma is used to Jake being around. When Emma confesses her desire to Jake he volunteers to be the groom. The plan is to get married now while her father can still walk her down the aisle and sort out the details of the marriage later. It could be a recipe for disaster.

I loved, loved, loved this story from Katie Ganshert. Even with a serious underlying theme it is still a beautiful love story. Katie's author voice is witty and the thoughts that go through her character's heads are amusing. An October Bride is short and sweet but it definitely leaves you feeling like you read a complete story.

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