Snuggle Time Prayers by Glenys Nellist {Children's Book Review}

Illustrated by Cee Biscoe
Juvenile Nonfiction (ages 2-5)

Time to snuggle in my bed,
Time to climb the stairs, 
Time to thank God for this day,
Time to say my prayers.

It's bedtime. A time to settle down and draw closer to God. This collection of fifteen prayers will remind children of their blessings as they drift off to sleep.

My Thoughts

I love children's bedtime for all the obvious reasons but also because it is such a wonderful time of snuggling and breathing in the aroma of freshly bathed little ones. In our home we always read a book or two before tucking our kiddos in. I'm careful about selecting what we will read. Just as I want them to begin their day with a story about Jesus I also want them to end their day that way.

When you see the name Glenys Nellist on the cover you can be assured that the words contained within will point you to Jesus. In Snuggle Time Prayers Glenys gives us fifteen prayers to share with our kids. Each section begins with a verse of Scripture and then has a rhyming prayer. Just think you're already beginning to teach your little one how to pray back the words of God! That's a lifelong benefit that you are instilling. 

The book itself is beautifully illustrated by the talented Cee Biscoe. All of the sweet little animals pictured are absolutely adorable. So soft and cuddly! The book is a padded board book that is sturdy enough to stand up to multiple readings from little hands.

If you are looking for a new bedtime book for your nightly routine I highly recommend this one. The words are ones that are sure to be remembered and the pictures are a treat as well.

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