A Beautiful Design Bible Study by Matt Chandler

God's Unchanging Plan For Manhood and Womanhood
Matt Chandler
Bible Study


God created us to function according to His perfect design, and for all of human history, our world has been male and female. But our ever-changing culture faces challenges due to sin. More than ever the church needs to be a safe refuge for the gender-confused, the sexually broken, the single, the married, and the divorced.

In this study, Matt Chandler gives evidence that God's plan for man and woman is the ultimate design. And life lived within this beautiful and unchanging design is part of His greater purpose for humanity and leads to our greatest joy.
  • Discover how you were created with a purpose in God's unchanging plan.
  • Exchange your broken and weary perspective on life for His beautiful design.
  • Shape and influence your church into a safe place for everyone.

My Thoughts

In the wake of all the uproar in the media lately, A Beautiful Design Bible Study from Matt Chandler is a needed voice of reason. My husband and I have spent the last few weeks going through the study and are pleased with the way it has focused our attention on what is truly important . . . living a gospel-centered life.

This study is designed for a small group but we did it just as a couple. There are nine video sessions and eight weeks of personal study and homework. If you are doing it as a group there is a Leader Kit available that has a copy of the Bible study book, a leaders guide, and the DVDs. Since we did it here in our home we chose the Individual Videos option with a shared Bible study book

The study delves into our roles as men and women created in the image of God. Chandler uses Scripture to point out our God designed roles and how they compliment each other and that of spreading the gospel. I came away from it being reminded that we don't wrestle with flesh and blood. My neighbor isn't my enemy, Satan himself is the enemy and in the end he loses.

If you are looking for a powerful way to strengthen not only your own marriage but that of your fellow church members consider getting this study for your group. If your church doesn't do small groups then I would urge you to consider doing it in your home. If you have teenagers there is A Beautiful Design Teen Bible study book geared towards teenagers. I think it would be wonderful to do this study together as a family. 

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