Return To The Hiding Place DVD {Review}

Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 108 minutes

Based on a true story, Return to the Hiding Place is the dramatic continuation of Corrie Ten Boom’s story. Filled with drama, romance, and thrilling action, this film is heart-wrenching and breathtaking. Corrie realizes that the Nazis are going to senselessly murder thousands of Jews in order to further their own empire. Her heart for justice cannot simply stand by and watch innocents be slaughtered, so she decides to do something. Though harboring Jews and attempting to save their lives will put her in direct conflict with the Nazi Gestapo, she knows that doing the right thing is what she must do. Her way of fighting back against the rising Nazi Empire comes in a surprising and unexpected way. Corrie rallies an army of young, untrained teenagers to fight the growing evil.

Meanwhile, a teenager named Hans Poley, makes a huge decision that greatly impacts his future. Though he is expected to join the Nazi party, he feels uncomfortable with their policies and refuses to join. In order to protect him from being harmed or forced to join, his parents send him into hiding. This hiding place that he goes to turns out to be Corrie’s house. While in hiding here, he discovers what is actually happening to the Jews. They are being sent to secret death camps, unbeknownst to a majority of the population. These undercover atrocities bring to light the flaws and horrendous activities being performed by the Nazis, and Hans develops a heart for helping free the Jews from the Holocaust.

After expressing his interest in the underground movement, he is recruited by Piet Hartog, a resistance fighter. Piet is romantically involved with Corrie’s niece, Aty van Woerden, and Hans is drawn into the world of the Nazi resistance. This web of mystery and secret missions is the setting for The Hiding Place.

Together, Hans, Piet, and Aty are met with severe challenges and great opposition. Their work is hard and full of terror, but it is the right thing to do. Return to the Hiding Place is filled with dramatic missions, secret codes, underground hiding places, disguises, and treachery. Their action-filled adventures even include rescuing an entire orphanage full of children that are slated to be killed by the Nazis. This film will move viewers to tears as they cheer for the victories and cry for the losses that the characters experience. Reconnect with The Hiding Place in this dramatic and emotional film.

My Thoughts

Most of us are quite familiar with Corrie Ten Boom and her heroic efforts to hide and save Jews in her home. What is less known is the story of those who chose to help her in her efforts. Most of these courageous people were university students that chose to follow their conscious and risk their own lives.

In Return To The Hiding Place we get the fictionalized version of these terrifying days in the Netherlands. The strength and bravery exhibited is phenomenal. Each of the members of the Resistance daily risked their lives for those that had lost everything and were in danger of losing their very lives.

The scenes involving the orphanage and the children were gut wrenching. How could human beings become so callous as to harm innocent children? The story of Hans, Piet, and Aty remind us that it only takes a few to stand up and make a difference.

I was moved my this movie and felt like it was a great reminder that we need to remember the atrocities of the past in order to not have them repeated in the future. While it is based on actual facts that can be found in any good history textbook it is still a gruesome part of our history. For that reason I would caution parents about watching this with young children. Nothing is shown but references are made to some very horrific events.

This movie would make a good additional resource for homeschooling families that are studying the Holocaust and World War II. It is a good companion piece to The Hiding Place.


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