You Can't Piggyback


I've had a lot of time to think lately and really process our move. One concept that has been on my mind is that of relationships and specifically the ones we had to leave behind. I find myself looking up old friends and seeing what they are doing and missing their familiar faces and the friendships we shared. We have a lot of memories in our hometown. It's where our family began. 

It's kind of funny how I go between wanting to live through old memories and wanting to fast forward here in our new place. I want to have a church home and real friendships and be settled. But there is no fast forward. Relationships that are real and lasting are never rushed but built over time with a lot of trust.

I am trying to be balanced by looking back to treasure all the blessings that we had in our hometown. But I'm also trying  to move forward to grow and blossom here. Easier said than done! ;)

Here is what I am learning though, you cant piggyback other people's lives. Back in my blog post on Choosing Joy When Life Gets Busy I mentioned surrounding myself with driven and joyful people. The best part of those relationships is that they all have wonderful lives that are full and inspire me.

While it's wonderful to hear their stories I can't forget our own story and part of our story is leaving our old life there to make new memories here. If I don't move forward our story will not grow and that is not healthy and the exact opposite of who I want to become.

Time to write a new chapter!!!


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