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A Husband's Christmas Prayer by Kathi Macias

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Pastor Paul has been handed the promotion of his dreams, but his formerly supportive wife doesn't share his sentiment about moving. She liked where she was--her home, church family, and coffee with friends while the kids were at day care. Why did they have to move? For the first time in their seven-year marriage Paul feels distance growing between them. As he struggles to minister to difficult people in his congregation, he also finds he has to minister to his own family. Will it be enough in time to create a united home for Christmas?

My Thoughts

A Husband's Christmas Prayer is my first Christmas book of the season and I am so excited. Granted it's still in the upper 80s around here and October may seem too soon to dive in but for me it's just perfect. 

Each year I look forward to Kathi Macias' Christmas book. I think I've read all of her past seasonal novellas and thoroughly enjoyed them. This year's edition was another delight. The main characters are Paul and Diana Michaelson. When we first meet them Paul has just accepted a Senior Pastor position in the tiny community of Desert Sands. Unfortunately Paul got all caught up in the "we are one" aspect of marriage and forgot to include Diana in the discussion. Diana is a wonderful wife and she set aside her reticence to follow her husband. But the hurt ran deep and eventually it just had to be dealt with.

I particularly enjoyed the use of Ephesians 5:21-33 in the storyline. Pastor Paul preached a sermon on it that was meant to encourage his flock. But God is so gracious that he used Paul's own message to speak to his heart. 

Another of my favorite things about this novel was the supporting characters. Virginia and Mitchell are beautiful examples to each of us as we get older. Until you breath your last God has a plan for you. The McDonald family reminds us to be aware of those around us that aren't in our usual circles. After all the Bible instructs us that we are blessed to be a blessing.

Now for all of you that are still saying that it's too early for a Christmas book, let me say that the majority of this book has nothing to do with Christmas. The culmination of the story is on Christmas but the heart of the narrative takes place in the months leading up to it. You literally can read this book at any time of year and be moved by it. I heartily recommend it to all.

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