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What Matters Most by Kellie Coates Gilbert

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Texas Gold #4
Contemporary Fiction


Finding her dream job went right out the window when Leta Breckenridge had to quit school to help care for her mother suffering from dementia. When a delinquent account may force her mother into a less desirable facility, Leta is thrilled to land a high-paying job at an Austin public relations firm. But her seemingly ideal job turns into a nightmare when she learns the firm is a front for a political opposition organization--and that the research she's been collecting will be used against Nathan Emerson, the handsome senator she's swiftly falling in love with.

Nathan is a rising political star being pressured to run a bid to unseat the current governor of Texas. He's already in a relationship with a woman much better suited to be a politician's wife, but he's never met anyone like Leta. Could this feisty woman hold the key to his heart--and his future?

With emotional depth and keen insight into what drives us, Kellie Coates Gilbert offers a salient story that calls us to consider what we value most in this life.

Read an excerpt.
Read an excerpt.

My Thoughts

I have thoroughly been enjoying Kellie Coates Gilbert's Texas Gold series. It is like getting to peak into the lives of the rich and famous. Something about each of the stories has centered around a wealthy character and allows the reader to see situations through the lens of affluence.

What Matters Most is book four and it centers on Leta Breckenridge and Nathan Emerson. Leta is a devoted daughter struggling to keep her momma in a care facility that focuses on Alzheimer's patients. When she winds up getting what appears to be a dream job with a salary to match she thinks life is finally going to be easy. Nate is a senator who also is a researcher for Alzheimer's and other degenerative brain diseases. He's from a wealthy family that expects him to continue his career in politics with the next step being governor of Texas. 

The differences between the two are vast but in spite of that they find themselves drawn to each other. There's just a slight problem. Nate has a steady girlfriend that is assumed will soon become his fiance. And that new job of Leta's? Well she is quickly finding herself being required to dig up dirt on Nate for the opposition in the governor's race. 

What I liked the most about this book was that it reminded me that some things about the human condition are the same no matter the balance of your checkbook. Your heart will love who it is going to love. You will be driven to do things no matter the amount of fallout for the ones you hold dear. And money is a nice asset but it can't always buy you what you need or want.

If you're looking for a contemporary romance that seems especially appropriate for this election season you can't go wrong with this one. The behind the scenes manipulations and motivations found in the story seem to be playing out on our nightly news. I enjoyed What Matters Most just as much as the rest of the series. Each of these four books are stand-alone stories so you can pick them up and read them in any order. I'm eagerly anticipating Kellie's next book. She is a storyteller worth her weight in gold!

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