Christmas Love Letters from God: Bible Stories by Glenys Nellist | Children's Christmas Book Review

Christmas Love Letters from God: Bible Stories by Glenys Nellist

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Illustrated by Rachel Clowes
Children's Christmas Book

Written for children ages four to eight, Christmas Love Letters from God cleverly combines both prose and poetry as the story of Jesus’ birth unfolds. The book includes seven stories, beginning with Isaiah’s prophecy and ending with the visit of the wise men. Following each story, the child will find his or her own letter from God, folded into a small envelope attached to the page. Each letter begins with a space in which to write the child’s name, so each one can be specially addressed to the child.

Written as if God is speaking, each personalized message gives the young reader a sense of wonder as they discover anew the Christmas holiday and the birth of Jesus. A very special Bible verse, entitled God’s Perfect Promise, also accompanies each story and letter as God’s personal words of love, promise, and hope.

My Thoughts

Christmas Love Letters from God is another new edition to our family's 25 days of Christmas books collection. I am especially excited about this one because I love Glenys Nellist's writing and particularly her other Love Letters from God books. The sparkle in my grands eyes when they read a personalized letter from God is absolutely priceless.

The story of Christ's birth is told through seven different sections and they begin with the prophesy in Isaiah. After we hear from Isaiah we switch to Mary and her visit from the angel. Glenys' version of the Magnificat is beautiful. Next is Joseph and his dream. And then the couple are off on their trip to Bethlehem. The story of Christ's birth is told in a way that will stick with you for a long time. Then we get the account of the shepherds and finally the wise men.

While this book isn't probably for the littlest ones on their own. (There are flaps for each of the letters that little hands may tear.) It is sure to be a delight for the whole family year after year. We're in the process of replacing some of our oldest Christmas board books and I am absolutely thrilled with this one. Rachel Clowes' art work and Glenys Nellist's words combine to tell the Christmas story accurately yet uniquely. I'm sure that your family will come to love it as much as ours has.

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