Christmas Quiet: Receiving The Gift Of His Presence: A 25-Day Devotional Coloring Book by Maisie Sparks & Lauren Younis | Advent Devotional Review

Christmas Quiet: Receiving The Gift Of His Presence: A 25-Day Devotional Coloring Book by Maisie Sparks & Lauren Younis

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A 25-Day Devotional Coloring Book
Nonfiction / Advent Devotional

Receive the gift of God's peaceful presence for Christmas 
while enjoying this uplifting devotional coloring book for 25 days.

In the 25 days leading up to Christmas you will deepen your awareness of God's loving presence and rejoice in the gift of your Savior by pausing daily to immerse yourself in these uplifting devotions, faith-building exercises, and peaceful coloring pages. Enjoy the true essence of the holiday as never before as you draw closer to God with this book.

  • 25 powerful devotions that can be read in five minutes and provide lasting inspiration,
  • 25 reflective questions and thoughtful activities that deepen the experience of each devotion, and
  • 25 gorgeous holiday coloring pages to enjoy whenever you like.

Christmas Quiet devotional page.

My Thoughts

I love the Advent season. For me it's a time to pause and reflect on the reason why we celebrate. But if I'm honest even the preparation for this blessed time can be overwhelming and create anything but peace. This beautiful devotional from Maisie Sparks and Lauren Younis understands the crazy that can come about in all of our well-doing.

Their book is designed to cut through all of the noise and allow our spirits to become quiet and focus on the reason for the season. There are twenty-five days of devotions and coloring pages. What I liked about the book is that the authors said right up front that it is okay to take more time with this book. It is meant to help you contemplate the miracle before us. If you need to take a few days to absorb one of the devotions, that's okay. 

The coloring page that corresponds with that day's devotion is printed on sturdy paper that should hold up well to colored pencils, markers, or even watercolors (as long as you don't over do the water!) The coloring page is one-sided so there is no problem with shadowing or bleed through. I have been cutting each coloring page out and displaying it in my home. It's a great way to continue focusing on the Scripture even after you've put the book away.

If you're looking for a way to quiet your spirit and focus on the One that the season is about I highly recommend this resource. 

Christmas Quiet coloring page framed.
The coloring pages make great wall hangings to help you reflect on the Scripture throughout your day.

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Lauren Younis

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