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Jesus: A 365-Day Devotional

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Juvenile Nonfiction (ages 8-12)


Jesus isn't only found in the New Testament of 
the Bible-mentions, whispers, and echoes of him can 
be found in hundreds of clues and promises 
throughout the Old Testament.

eight-to-twelve-year-olds understand how these 
verses throughout the Bible point to Jesus, and how the 
promises in the Old Testament were fulfilled when Jesus 
came to live among his people. Each devotional also includes 
a Scripture and a prayer for reflection, along with ways to 
apply that day's discovery to everyday life--all of which work 
together to help readers see that Jesus is the way, 
the truth, and the life.

Inside Jesus: A 365-Day Devotional

My Thoughts

The number one overriding theme that I want to teach my kids and grands is that Jesus is at the center of every aspect of Scripture. He was present in the beginning when all things were created. His name was whispered throughout the Old Testament as they looked forward to a Savior. And then finally His name leaps from the pages of the New Testament. There is nothing more important than teaching about Jesus.

With that in mind I am thrilled to tell you about Jesus: A 365-Day Devotional. It is designed with tweens in mind but I think everyone would benefit from the walk through Scripture while focusing on the passages that shine a light on our Savior.

It is intended for a daily reading but the nice thing is that the days are numbered but not dated so it can begin at any time. The devotions start in Genesis and then proceeds through the Old and New Testaments covering the references that point directly to Jesus. 

I'm not sure who wrote the individual devotions but they are phenomenal. The author brings that day's Scripture passage to a relevant modern day example and expounds upon the truth that the verses contain. I'm looking forward to passing this along to one of my oldest grands but before I do you better believe I'm going to spend a bit more time gleaning from it!

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