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A Royal Christmas to Remember (Princess Parables) by Jeanna Young & Jacqueline Johnson

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The Princess Parables
Jeanna Young & Jacqueline Johnson
Illustrated by Omar Aranda
Juvenile Fiction / Christmas

"You are true princesses, my daughters!
What is Christmas without sharing and giving?"

The most remarkable winter in years has arrived. Christmas is only a night away. Princesses Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity, and Hope are surrounded by glittering gifts, a huge Christmas tree in the parlor, sparkling candles, and a dramatic night sky with one star bigger and brighter than all the others. A sudden rap at the door of the castle puts the kingdom on immediate alert! Will a marauding band of outlaws ruin the princesses' perfect Christmas Eve?

My Thoughts

It can be a daunting task this time of year to keep young children focused on the true reason we celebrate Christmas. The decorations and pretty packages under the tree just add to the excitement of the season, but sometimes in all the hype leading up to the blessed day we lose focus.

That's just where the five princesses find themselves. The situation concerns their father the king but before he can do something about it a crisis in the kingdom arises and he must go and deal with it. Not surprising but that very crisis is what brings about realization that their priorities have been misplaced.

My granddaughters and I have been enjoying these lovely Princess Parables books. Through the use of a delightful cast of characters the writers bring to light an important portion of Scripture in a parable type of format. This time the reference is from Luke 12:15-21. In this portion of Scripture Jesus is reminding His followers to be on guard against all types of greed. 

My favorite part of the book is the ending where 'The Princesses' Journal' is located. It reminds the reader that Christmas is a time of giving. We are celebrating the fact that God was willing to give His one and only Son to be an atonement for us. The authors remind us that "Christmas is a time of giving and reflecting Jesus to others." What a great reminder for our children (and ourselves) that it is wonderful to celebrate this season, but we must always keep in perspective Who we are celebrating.

I highly recommend this and all of the Princess Parables books to those with young girls. They have a wonderful message packaged in all the wonder of being a princess.

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