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The Prince Warriors and the Swords Of Rhema by Priscilla Shirer

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Prince Warriors Trilogy #3
Priscilla Shirer
Juvenile Fiction

In this third book of The Prince Warriors trilogy, the Prince Warriors finally receive their last piece of armor—the swords they were promised when they began their adventure in the unseen realm of Ahoratos. And none too soon, for they must face the ultimate enemy, one who is gathering his Forgers and creating unthinkable new evil to stop the Prince Warriors from winning any battle ever again.

My Thoughts

Every good epic trilogy should come to a climactic ending. That's exactly what you can expect from The Prince Warriors and the Swords of Rhema. Our warriors have fought battles and learned to wear their armor but now they are looking forward to the ultimate weapon . . . their swords. 

On the surface this has been a spectacular story that fans of Tolkien will enjoy. But just like the Lord of the Rings trilogy there is a major storyline going on underneath the surface. The whole trilogy centers on learning to put on the armor of God and fight the battles through Him. The forces that come against the young warriors are from the unseen realm and they are big and fight nasty . . . but God is bigger and through Him the warriors can prevail.

If you have a tween you should get them this series. I think it appeals to girls and boys even though the main characters are boys. We've been reading it together as a family and even the adults are enamored with it. I would say that you need to read all three books in order. The adventure builds on itself and so if you read the books out of order you'll have major spoilers. 

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