Fatal Mistake (White Knights #1) by Susan Sleeman | Romantic Suspense Review

Fatal Mistake (White Knight #1) by Susan Sleeman

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White Knights #1
Romantic Suspence

An FBI agent must protect the woman who can 
identify a terrorist bomber in bestselling author 
Susan Sleeman's riveting romantic suspense novel.

Each day could be her last...but not if he can help it.

Tara Parrish is the only person ever to survive an attack by the Lone Wolf bomber. Scared and emotionally scarred by her near death, she goes into hiding with only one plan--to stay alive for another day. She knows he's coming after her, and if he finds her, he will finish what he started.

Agent Cal Riggins has had only one goal for the past six months--to save lives by ending the Lone Wolf's bombing spree. To succeed, he needs the help of Tara Parrish, the one person who can lead them to the bomber. Cal puts his all into finding Tara, but once he locates her, he realizes if he can find her, the Lone Wolf can, too. He must protect Tara at all costs, and they'll both need to resist the mutual attraction growing between them to focus on hunting down the bomber, because one wrong move could be fatal.

My Thoughts

Susan Sleeman isn't a new author but she is a new-to-me author. Fatal Mistake was a wonderful introduction to her work. I enjoyed the fast pace of the plot and the detailed descriptions of the tactics used to intercept the Lone Wolf serial killer. 

This is the first book in the White Knights series that will revolve around a group of FBI special response agents. This novel features agent Cal Riggins. Cal and his team are on the hunt for the Lone Wolf bomber. They are tipped off by Tara Parrish who discovered the missing link to the killer's identity. It soon becomes evident that Tara is in grave danger and she is put into protective custody.

As I said earlier this is a fast read. It's one of those that you keep saying, just one more chapter and then I'll put it down. But before you know it you've devoured the entire book. I enjoyed the seemingly accurate drama and was fascinated by the tactics used to find and apprehend the killer. For the most part I enjoyed getting to know the characters and I look forward to reading the rest of the series to see how the team continues on. 

The only part that I found a bit irritating was the character of Cal. His angry outbursts don't seem to fit with a highly trained former Navy SEAL and a current FBI agent. I would think that his undisciplined actions would get him disciplined and or kicked out of the team. Even with that hesitation I still enjoyed the book immensely. 

This would be a good pick for your reading group. There are some great discussion questions in the back of the book that would make for interesting interactions within your group. There's also a teaser for the next book. According to the reading the next book is called Kill Shot and the featured agent will be Rick Cannon. It doesn't come out until early 2018 so the waiting is going to be torture.

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