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The Day The Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker

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Supernatural Fiction

It was the summer of storms and strays and strangers. The summer that lightning struck the big oak tree in the front yard. The summer his mother died in a tragic accident--and young Samuel Chambers would have done anything to turn back time. Even today, he can hardly believe it all happened . . .

Prompted by three strange carnival fortune-tellers and the surfacing of his mysterious and reclusive neighbor, Sam begins his search for the Tree of Life--the only thing that could possibly bring his mother back.

His quest to defeat death will entangle him and his best friend Abra in an ancient conflict, forcing Sam to grapple with an unwelcome question.

Could it be possible that death is a gift?

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My Thoughts

If you are a fan of supernatural fiction then you will be pleased to know that there is a new voice in the field. Shawn Smucker makes his debut with The Day The Angels Fell. Supernatural fiction is really not my thing but I enjoyed the story and felt like it was a quick read.

The story is told from the perspective of  Samuel Chambers. He's an old man about to attend the funeral of his last friend. Due to age and circumstance he is reflecting over the events that surrounded the death of his mother. It was a summer that would change the course of his life and those around him. 

As I said before it is a work of supernatural fiction so expect that in the writing. I thought Mr. Smucker did a good job of working those elements into the story without making it weird. The overall theme is that death is a gift. That may sound strange at first but after reading the novel I appreciate that phrase. 

If you can check your theology at the door and just read this title as a work of fiction I think you will enjoy it. The writing is good and the characters are engaging. Once you start the story I think you'll be hard pressed to put it down. 

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