Deadly Proof (Atlanta Justice #1) by Rachel Dylan | Romantic Suspense Review

Deadly Proof (Atlanta Justice #1) by Rachel Dylan

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Atlanta Justice #1
Romantic Suspense

Standing For What's Right Could
Cost Her Everything

Tapped as lead counsel in a corporate cover-up lawsuit against Mason Pharmaceutical, Kate Sullivan knows this case could make her career. What really drives her, though, is getting justice for the victims whose lives were ruined by the company's dangerous new drug. But when a whistleblower turns up dead, it paints a target on the back of everyone involved.

Former Army Ranger turned private investigator Landon James steps in to handle security for Kate. He's still haunted by mistakes in his past and is determined never to let something like that happen again. But it soon appears someone is willing to do anything--even commit murder--to keep the case from going to trial.

As danger closes in, Landon can't help but admire Kate's courage and resolve--but will her determination not to back down become too great of a risk?


My Thoughts

Deadly Proof is the first book by Rachel Dylan that I have read but I'm looking forward to reading many more. I enjoy a good legal thriller and that's exactly what I got with Deadly Proof. After reading the book and then looking the author up I'm pretty sure I know why it was so good. Rachel Dylan is an experienced attorney and I think that lends to the authenticity of her story.

The legal case involved is that of Mason Pharmaceutical knowingly causing the death of many people by allowing a drug to come to market when the adverse side effects were known to the company but hidden from the public. It's a class action lawsuit and Kate Sullivan has been appointed as the lead counsel to prosecute the case.

There's a lot at stake for everyone involved. Mason Pharmaceutical could lose millions in revenue and the directors seem to be willing to go to any lengths to avoid that. Kate's good friend and fellow lawyer, Ethan Black, has been retained to represent Mason Pharmaceutical. He quickly finds himself wondering just how far he's willing to bend the rules to win this case. Meanwhile people are dying, disappearing, and being threatened. Is Kate safe? Probably not but former Army Ranger turned P.I. Landon James along with his friends Cooper and Noah, are bound and determined to see that she survives the threats.

This is a very quick read because the action and intrigue is non-stop. It's a story that is written where you think that you are being told about what is happening from both perspectives, but look out because there's a twist at the end that I didn't see coming.

Deadly Proof  is book one in the Atlanta Justice series. I took a peak at the next book in the series and it looks like the main characters in this series are going to be the men, Landon, Cooper, and Noah. Book two is Cooper's story. It seems as if the series can be read as stand alone novels but we'll have to wait and see for sure. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series and if you are a fan of legal thrillers this should be your cup of tea as well.

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