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Lantern Lane by Little House Needleworks

Lantern Lane
Chart No. 134

Designed By: Diane Williams
Fabric: 28 ct Jobelan from Wichelt in Babbling Brook
Floss: Belle Soie silks are the suggested threads with hand dyed cotton alternatives from Weeks Dye Works and Classic Colorworks
Finishing: Thrift Store tray

This piece was such a wonderful journey for me. For the past several years I have really struggled doing anything on linen. In fact I pretty much had given up. I was thinking that I would just be content with using 14, 16, and 18 count fabric. My eyes just wouldn't focus on anything else.

Several years ago I switched to multi-focal contacts that I love. But my eyes really struggle seeing the individual threads. I'd tried a magnifying light and even used reading glasses (+1.50) over my contacts. Nothing seemed to work. Then by a total fluke I stumbled upon a solution.

I accidentally picked up a higher power of reading glasses (+3.50) and I could see the threads. I still can't do linen, something about the slubs in the threads makes it hard to see and I get off too easily. But for now I'm able to use the evenweaves like Lugana and Jobelan. So excited to be able to stitch over two threads again. It makes specialty stitches so much easier!

So Lantern Lane is my first foray back into the world of two over two. It is such a pleasure to work on different fabrics again. If you're struggling too . . . keep looking for what works. You'll find it if you keep trying different things. Just don't give up!

If I Were To Stitch This Again

This pattern lets you choose between Belle Soie silks or hand dyed cotton. I chose the cotton, but it is such a pretty piece that I wouldn't hesitate to do it in silks if I were to do it again.

My only complaint about the over dyed cotton was that the Fawn (WDW) and the Eggshell (CCW) were too close in color. It makes the window sashing and shutters just blend together. I would change the Fawn (WDW) to a slightly darker shade.

I also would sub the Black Coffee (CCW) for DMC 310. I couldn't see enough variation to warrant the use of the more expensive thread. But that Pea Pod (CCW) and the Lancaster Red (WDW) are worth the extra.

I needed two skeins of the Cocoa (WDW), Lancaster Red (WDW), and the Pea Pod (CCW). I don't stitch each individual x as I'm going along. I stitch from bottom left and work over and up. I do a row of half crosses and then come back and cross them. I like the more subtle variation you get that way. So if you are an individual x crosser you may need more thread.


To finish this piece off I just dug around in my stash and came up with this tray that I had picked up from a thrift store. I cut a piece of foam board to fit in the bottom. Then I used spray glue and attached a piece of batting to the foam board. Finally I used the lacing method that Brenda Gervais from With Thy Needle and Thread uses. She has a good tutorial here.

By The Way

This was a stitch along (SAL) that used the hashtag #LanternLaneSAL . If you do this piece use that hashtag so we can all see it.

I picked this pattern up at my local needlework shop (LNS). If you don't have an LNS that you use I'm sure mine would love to help you. They are Cecilia's Samplers and they ship all over the states. You can order online or by phone they are the best!

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