Got Luck? from Plum Street Samplers | Cross Stitch (free pattern download)

Pattern: Got Luck?
Designer: Paulette Stewart
Company: Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: 14 ct hand dyed mystery fabric
Floss: DMC 580, 581, 3348

I am addicted to Floss Tube and all of the brilliant ideas on there. One of the things that they have made me realize is that I just don't have much seasonal stitching to display. So I decided to rectify that this year. 

One of the other things that I've realized about myself is that I tend to collect all the cute freebie designs from my LNS and the designers' websites but they just go in a file to be forgotten. Well I'm tired of that so I'm going to stitch them up this year! 

Paulette Stewart from Plum Street Samplers puts out some of the most adorable designs. This little piece is a free download on her blog. It's been in my stash for awhile so I decided to stitch it up.

Details, Details, Details

The pattern stitch count is small (44w X 43h) so I decided to turn it into a little pillow for my coffee table tray. I dug through my scrap fabric and found a piece of hand dyed Aida that I'm not really sure about. I know it is 14 count and it's really soft so I am leaning towards it being from Picture This Plus but again I'm not sure. It's got a really pretty variation of pastel greens and yellows so I decided it would be perfect.

The directions tell you to use any fabric you like and three thread colors; two different greens and ecru, or three different greens and no ecru. I chose three different DMC greens. The dark green is 580, medium green is 581, and the light green in place of the ecru is 3348. 

The only thing that I changed on the pattern were the words. The original calls for the words Got Luck? but I charted out our last name instead. My husband's family is Irish so it works for us.

To finish it I chose a coordinating fabric and made a small pillow. I filled it with crushed English Walnut shells. I like that better than poly-fill for my small pillows. It's just a personal preference. I like the weight of it better and they can also be used as a pin cushion.

I'd like to add a little trim around the edges like chenille or something, but I didn't have any that would match in my stash so that may happen later. 

Did You Know?

Okay I may be the last person to realize this, but just in case I'm not, here goes. I've been buying these crushed walnut shells in a small batch at my local quilt store. It's not the cheapest thing to buy it that way but I had no idea. The other day I looked it up online to see if I could order it and have it shipped with Prime. 

Guess what . . . crushed English Walnut shells are also used in the bottom of reptile cages. So I went to our local pet store (Pet Co.) and low and behold they sell this stuff in huge bags for a fraction of the price. Good grief! 

Hope this inspires you to stitch one up for yourself. If you do tag us so we can see your finished project and cheer you on. We're RambleSAHM on all of our social media platforms.

Happy Stitching!

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